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  Judith Pennington is one of many visionary thinkers stepping forth to help bring about the flowering of peace on Earth. The author of The Voice of the Soul, a groundbreaking book about inspired writing and the science of spirituality, she teaches what she knows best: how to listen to the voice of truth within and be guided by it into the awakened, evolved mind of personal and spiritual mastery.

Judith's latest book, Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense, is a still deeper journey into the world of intuition and the superconscious mind of enlightenment. Published by Edgar Cayce's 4th Dimension Press in December 2012, Your Psychic Soul is a scientific and spiritual exploration of meditation, the brainwaves of consciousness, psi experiences, dreaming, inspired writing, hands-on healing, and the global shift in consciousness that is now underway. Filled with exercises and meditations, this comprehensive book and its companion guided meditation CDs will develop your intuitive abilities and inspire you with hope for humanity.

An internationally published journalist, author, teacher, and world authority on EEG meditation and the evolution of human consciousness, Judith founded Eagle Life Communications, her umbrella organization, as an educational outreach for personal and planetary peace.

Eagle Life's classes, workshops, books, recordings, and free online publications call people to the voice within and an exciting step-by-step journey into healing, renewal, joy and transformation.

Visit AwakenedMind.org to learn more about the international consortium of awakened mind practitioners founded by Judith and BrainwaveTraining.com to learn more about EEG-led meditation training for individuals, groups, and practitioners.

Love the radiant beauty within you. Listen for the voice of your soul.
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